Quality Improvement


To improve the quality of the Room, F&B and Auxiliary product offerings, we conduct comprehensive review of the guest data (internal and external) to determine the guest needs, identify the key issues and develop the improvement plan. 


 To improve the quality of the services, we evaluate the guest experience from the reservation to the departure, develop the detailed service blue print and identify the gaps in the service sequence. Subsequently, we fine-tune the service steps and develop an improvement plan, which we execute with the hotel teams


As a result, we will improve your property’s rankings in TripAdvisor, booking.com and other review sites, thus enhancing the property’s image and generating more bookings.  

Revenue improvement

Revenue, Sales and Distribution Channel Management


We evaluate the resort’s revenue management practices to identity the gaps and develop solutions, assess the sales and distribution strategies to drive more revenues. 

Incremental revenues


We identify the gaps and opportunities to drive the incremental revenues from rooms, F&B and other departments. Next, we develop and provide training to drive more incremental revenues through up-selling and cross-selling of the rooms, F&B and resort activities.


As a result, we will improve your property’s overall revenues, market share, RevPAR and TrevPAR

Profit Improvement

Operational Efficiencies

 After comprehensive review of the key operating costs such as labor, utility, food cost etc., core operating processes and practices such as management time, employee schedules, standardizing, simplifying and improving menus, conducting time and motion studies, assessing equipment usage efficiencies (chiller, generators etc.), we develop and execute operations improvement plan to re-engineer and improve the core processes, and achieve an overall operational efficiency 

Productivity Gains

We evaluate automation opportunities such as automated room cleaning machines, check-in kiosks, semi-automated dish-washing etc., and outsourcing strategies to drive higher productivity and lower costs


You will achieve higher profits and profit margins through reduction of the key operating costs (booking acquisition costs, labour, utility, food and other costs etc.) and improvements in overall productivity