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About HCA Inc

 HCA Inc. is the only hotel centric company focused on solving the following problems for hotel employees and hotel employers:


Career decisions are one of the most important decisions in life. We recognize this and therefore help employees make the right career decisions:

1. View reviews from the employees of the hotel and specific departments you would like to join. View specific department scores, salary scales, work-life balance and career growth options in the hotel of your choice 

2. Apply for hotel specific jobs. We have the biggest hotel centric job data base that synthesizes the job data from various sites 

3. Anonymously contact the existing employees and discuss how it?s like to work for the hotel


1. Become a hotel employer of choice. See what your employees say about you, how you fare in your compset and industry and what you need to do to become employer of choice 

2. Do not wait for annual employee engagement surveys to see how you do. We will help you conduct quarterly, monthly and even daily surveys to recognize the employee problems early on and act on it. Through our only hotel centric employee engagement survey solution, we guarantee the best value for money in the market for similar solutions

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